122_063 - South Melbourne Players visiting a young boy in hospital

Charles Boyles Collection SLV

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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/63

Team: South Melbourne (VFL)
Apart from the three men at the front , the others can be identified as a left hand group and a right hand group from.

Left Hand Group
far left - Jack Cullen - Club President with hands together
2nd left - Jack Hale (Head visible)
3rd left - Unknown
4th Left - Unknown
5th Left - Unknown (Only half of face visible)
6th Left - Ron Bywater (Tall at back)
7th Left - Bill King
8th Left - Alf Callick
9th Left - Unknown
10th Left - Unknown
11th left - Ron Clegg

Right Hand Group
far left - Boy with 'V' on jumper in middle of photo
2nd left - Boy Standing beside
3rd left - Pat Bourke b1923 (Head visible)
4th Left - George Caris
5th Left - Unknown (Half head visible)
6th Left - Arthur Fox
7th Left - Larry Spokes
8th Left - Unknown (Peeking over Shoulder)

In Front (Three men sitting):
far left - Unknown
2nd left - Keith Schaefer
3rd left - Reg Harley

Date: Circa 1948 or 1949


A group of South Melbourne (VFL) footballers visiting a young lad in hospital. The date ‘1947’ does seem to appear on the blazer but this may be wrong. The photo was not taken in 1947. 1948 or 1949 is much more feasible.

One of the figures appearing in this group at the bedside of the (unfortunately anonymous) young gentleman is Jack Hale who took over as coach of South Melbourne (from ‘Bull’ Adams) in the course of the 1948 season. Hale, seen on the left of the photo, had been a star rover for Carlton in the thirties. He coached South until the end of the 1949 season. Later, he took on the coaching job at Hawthorn, transforming them from easy-beats to the toughest combination in the VFL.

At the front of the photo are Keith Schaefer (102 games, 1947-53) and Reg Harley (61 games, 1948-52). At the rear are Ron Bywater (58 games, 1942, 1944, 1946-50) and Ron Clegg (231 games, 1945-54, 1956-60). At right are Pat Bourke b1923 (38 games, 1944, 1946-49), George Caris (19 games, 1948-50), Arthur Fox (39 games, 1948-50), and Larry Spokes (61 games, 1946-50). Note the players seem to be carrying books and comics.

Further Work Needed

Cannot put names to faces.

Note kids south Melbourne stripe chalked on to his jumper.

Reg Harley is holding the book Quetzal Quest, written by the American Author Quail Hawkins (published in USA, 1939).

Bill King

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