122_064 - South Melbourne Football Club Trainers and Staff 1954

Charles Boyles Collection SLV

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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/64

Team: South Melbourne (VFL)
Location: South Melbourne Bowling Club pavilion
Date: Late 1940's, early 1950s.

Back Row: H.Johnson, R.Jarrett, G.Richie, W.Cesari, A.Stubley, R.Campbell, A.Dall, V.King,
Front Row: C.Ross, W.Lyle, Les Sheldrick, Quinton Whitehead, W.White, G.Murdoch, B.Jenyns


Fifteen middle-aged gents, most of whom are dressed for cricket, photographed in their creams in front of the façade of a cricket pavilion (South Melbourne or the Albert Ground?). None of them are recognised. Probably a cricket team of ex-South Melbourne footballers. The player third from right in front row is also seen (albeit as an official) in a South Melbourne football (Seconds) photo (122_100). No evidence of South Melbourne Football Club logo on jackets.

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Published version of theis image found in the Swans Collection by Barbara Cullen.

Published version Titled "South Melbourne Football Club Trainers and Staff 1954"

Published version named as follows:
Back Row: H. Johnston, R. Jarrett, G. Richie, W. Cesari, A. Stubley, R. Campbell, A. Dall, V. King
Front Row: C. Ross, W. Lyle, L. Sheldrick, Dr Q. Whitehead, W. White, G. Murdoch, B. Jenyns

Dr Quinton Whitehead is in the centre of photo
He is a Swans Life Member

L.Sheldrick is probably
Leslie Ebenezer Sheldrick (1917-1988) son of Leslie Victor Sheldrick (1891-1968)
(Both are on the 1949 Electoral Roll in South Melbourne)

R. Jarrett is possibly
Ronald Charles Jarrett (1919-) a mechanic from Albert Park (1954 Electoral Roll )

A.Dall is possibly
Albert Clarence Dall (abt1907-1983)
A baker from Tribe Street South Melbourne (1954 Electoral Roll)

W. Lyle appears to have worked for Melbourne Football club 1948 see XX_M02760

Fifteen people. No indication of cricket gear, eg Shoes vary. Maybe this is the South Melbourne training staff with the head trainer in the middle of shot.

Jackets appear to be the same as the Jackets worn by South Melbourne players in image 122_063 - South Melbourne Players visiting a young boy in hospital.
One of the people in this photo also appears to be in the Hospital photo.

So maybe late 1940s, early 50s. A number of the other photos these people are in date from 1950.

Three of the people in this photo appear as training staff in other South Melbourne Photos.

Maybe a coach of the thirds team


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South Melbourne Football Club - Trainers and Staff 1954 - Sydney Swans Heritage Museum

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