122_437 - Unknown Team Essendon Style Maybe YCW team

Charles Boyles Collection SLV

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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/437

Team: Unknown
Location:Lake Oval, Albert Park



Certainly the jumpers look like Essendon’s but the players are wearing both black and white shorts which is untypical of serious VFL sides. Five of them wearing white shorts. This looks like the South Melbourne VFL (Lake Oval) ground in the thirties. The man with white collar on the extreme right of the middle row could be a priest. The man on the extreme left of the middle row looks very much like Labor stalwart Arthur Calwell (North Melbourne VFL President 1929-34). A Young Christian Workers (YCW) team perhaps.

Further Work Needed

Player back Row middle bears a resemblence to Essendon player Hugh Torney (191cm) not be tall enough but a good resemblance.

Hugh Torney
Essendon 1933-43
Fire Department 1939-40....
Essential Services (Charity Match) 1943
Williamstown 1945

Tourney in Fire Department
IN THE... SPORTS FIELD. (1940, June 22). The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1956), p. 10. Retrieved September 26, 2012, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article12475178

Matches with XX_M10646.8

The person who appears to be the Captain (middle row 4th left) is in Brighton the 1930 photo 122_206. The player front row extreme left appears in a mid 1930s Police team, 122_237.

Five players in this team also appear together in another team photo xx_M10646.8, the graphic below shows a comparison.

Two more players are also possible matches between the two teams in xx_M10646.8

Matches with XX_M10654.3

One player in this photo appears in photo M10654.3

The probable captain in the xx_M10646.8 photo also appears in XX_M10654.3 establishing a link between all tree photos.

Matches with XX_M10654.3 and 1170_1024

Though none of the people in this photo match photo 1170_1024, four people from photo XX_M10654.3 appear in 1170_1024. It is likely that this photo is also a photo of the same team. Identification of one of these photos should assist in identifying the others.

Duplicates - Near Identical Photos

Not Identical, but may be photos of the same team:

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