Arthur Hodgson

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Born: 8-Jan-1926
Died: 12-May-20031
Height: 176cm (AFL Tables)


Queenstown, Tasmania2
Carlton (VFL) 1948-1952 - 76 Games, 7 Goals



Argus 10-Jun 1950 p7 Weekend Magazine

THERE are few, if any, better wing men than ARTHUR HODGSON, of Carlton, who has beaten all comers this season, as he did for most of last season. Arthur came from Queenstown, Tasmania, and is probably the only player in the North West to secure a place in a carnival side. He played for Tasmania in the 1947 series in Hobart, find caught the eye of Carlton officials who were present.

Possessing tremendous speed- probably no one in the League is faster-he is also an excellent mark and kick. He is most courageous, is the type who rarely, if ever, plays a bad game, and is an excellent club man. He is more direct than subtle in his play, but he certainly gets results.

Arthur is a fitter, in the employ of the Melbourne City Council Electric Supply department, and is married. Naturally he employs his pace in competition, and won several good races in Tasmania. He had the same trainer as the famous John Stoney, and Carlton believe that no faster player has worn the colours for many Years.

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Arthur Hodgson - 1951 Kornies Footballers in Action - Source: Australian Rules Football Cards
Arthur Hodgson - 1951 Kornies Footballers in Action - Source: Australian Rules Football Cards
Argus 10 Jun 1950 P6 Arthur Hodgson
Argus 10 Jun 1950 P6 Arthur Hodgson

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2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arthur_Hodgson_%28footballer%29

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