Bill Snell

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Born: 23-Mar-19281
Died: 19-Mar-20092
Height: 185cm (AFL Tables)


Mirboo North c1949, c19543
Essendon (VFL) 1950-1952 - 36 Games, 16 Goals
Stawell - 19534




Argus 2-Sep-1950 p10-11 Weekend Magazine

IN A PREMIER team blessed with fine reserves, it is difficult for a newcomer to break in. It is a tribute to the ability of Bill Snell that he has been a regular at Essendon in his first year. He came from Mirboo to the seconds several years ago, and then returned home again until this year. His play in the practice games1 was outstanding, and his inclusion in the senior side became almost automatic. He is a good mark, a lovely kick, passes with either foot, has wonderful ball control, and a nice turn.

ESSENDON are lucky to find a new player Capable of filling the centre job. That player is BILL SNELL, who carne from Mirboo North. He has had city experience, as he played for Essendon seconds about three years ago.

Bill, a 6-footer, first played at centre half-forward, but when another player was needed for the centre, he was given that job. There his height has been a great asset. In addition, his long stride, topped off by a long low drop kick with cither foot, gives forwards many opportunities.

He is a single man, engaged in the refrigerating business.

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