Charlie Utting

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Born: 12-Mar-1923
Died: 11-Oct-20091
Height: 170cm (AFL Tables)


Collingwood (VFL) 1943-1950 - 125 Games, 17 Goals

Collingwood Seconds 1951–53



Argus 3-Jun-1950 p6-7 Weekend Magazine

"A GRAND player for Collingwood and a potential coach somewhere," is the summing up of CHARLIE UTTING, who, after playing in most positions on the field, is now starring in the centre.

His first experience in that position was in 1949, and he has never looked back. He is quick off the mark-that is almost the first requirement of a centreman-has excellent judgment, is a good mark for his size, which is 5ft. 9in., places the ball to advantage either with a stab kick or a long driving drop, and is most tenacious.

Charlie's first experience of football was at St. Joseph's College. From there he went to the Collingwood Juniors, playing in the V.J.F.L. There he was a centre man. A season with the Collingwood seconds led to his promotion to the senior side in 1943. He was first a wing man, then a half forward, a half-back flanker, forward pocket, rover, and then back pocket. He remained in defence for some time, but he ran into a bad patch in 1948. Now, however, he is "on top of the world" again.

There are few better club men, and he spends his Sundays as a special coach of the Magpie Socials, which won the premiership of the Sunday Amateur competition last year. Charlie is renowned for his "pep" talks to the boys, and interested people go into the room just to hear his speeches. He knows the game backwards, and some big club will be lucky one day to secure him as a coach.

Charlie is a dealer and is going into partnership with his uncle as a motor wrecker. He is related to "Tich" Utting, who was formerly a star with Collingwood and Hawthorn. He is single, and lives with his mother in Collingwood.

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Argus 3 Jun 1950 P6 Charles Utting
Argus 3 Jun 1950 P6 Charles Utting

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