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Full Name: Francis William Jeeves1
Born: 15-Feb-1927
Died: 11-Jun-20102
Height: 180cm (AFL Tables)


Fitzroy seconds3
North Melbourne (VFL) 1947-1952, 1954 - 65 Games, 25 Goals
Moorabbin (VFA) c19544



Argus 10-Jun-1950 p6 Weekend Magazine

FRANK JEEVES as North Melbourne's centre half forward, was a somewhat unusual choice last season, as he had been a rover in 1948. However, it was a sound move, as Frank, until injured toward the end of July, did a grand job.

He is 5ft. 11in. and nearly 12st. in weight, a left-footer with a lovely style, and the ability to pass accurately. He came from Wonthaggi to Fitzroy, but that club did not persevere with him, and he went lo Carnegie. While playing there he came under the notice of Fred Fair- weather, former North Melbourne captain, and later went to North.

He played with the seconds in 1947, and was in the premiership team. His play at wing half-forward in the grand final showed the seniors that they had some good material, and he has been a regular senior player ever since.

Frank is 22 years, married, and a painter, in business for himself. He has been busy over the last few weeks v on a job at the ground. He plays cricket and golf in the summer time.

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