George Hassell

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Born: 5-Oct-19231
Died: 25-May-20122
Height: 173cm (AFL Tables)


Ascot Vale YCW3
St Monica's CYMS
Essendon (VFL) 1946-1950 - 63 Games, 4 Goals
Cornwall (NTFA) - 1951 (Now known as East Launceston)4

Cornwall (NTFA) - 1951 (Now known as East Launceston)



Argus 10-Jun 1950 p7 Weekend Magazine

GEORGE HASSELL'S worth is indicated by the fact that he was chosen to play for Victoria as a wing man two years ago. Although he did not play so well last year, he was still a useful player in the talented Essendon side, and played in the grand final as 20th man. He seemed to have lost a little of that pace that is so essential in the make-up of a wing man. This year, too, he did not start well, but now he seems to have found his pace again, and, with it, his form.

Great anticipation is one of the secrets of his success on the wing, and he is a left-footer, which is a great help in outwitting opponents.

George came from Ascotvale Y.C.W., and had his first senior game in 1946. Up to the end of last sea- son he had played 59 games. He is single, and lives with his people in the district. He works on the instalments at one of the air lines. During the summer he relaxes at golf, a disease he caught only recently, but he is very keen!

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