Hawthorn Senior Team 1942 (SLV 122_168)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV
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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/168

Team: Hawthorn (VFL)
Location: Brunswick Street Oval (Fitzroy)
Date: 1942

Back row - Fred Jones (1941-42, 13 games), Wally Bristowe (1940-42, 11 games), Len Walsh (1937-40, 1942, 15 games), Jack Barker (vice-captain, 1937-45, 113 games), Jack Burke (1939-45, 74 games), Phil Ryan (1941-46, 52 games), George Bennett (1930-33, 1942-44, 92 games).
Middle row - Bert Graham (1940-42, 23 games), Jack Mathison (1942, 2 games), Bob Williams (1932, 1934-44, 136 games), Jack Carmody (captain, 1940-44, 1946, 64 games), Wally Culpitt (1940-48, 125 games), Jim Bohan (1938-46, 131 games), Laurie Taylor (1942-44, 40 games).
Front row - Laurie Peters (1940-44, 24 games), Reg Horkings (1942-44, 34 games), Andy Angwin (1938-44, 75 games), Alec Albiston (1936-49, 170 games).


A Hawthorn (VFL) Senior Team from 1942 photographed at the Brunswick Street Oval (Fitzroy). This photo is reproduced in the book We Are Hawthorn.

The 1942 Hawthorn team was coached by the legendary Roy Cazaly and this shot would have been taken around the time Cazaly urged the club to drop the inoffensive name ‘Mayblooms’ and adopt ‘Hawks’. This is probably the Round Seven game against Fitzroy which Hawthorn lost by 16 points. The team finished last in 1942 with only one win.

Barker was Hawthorn best and fairest in 1942, Bohan in 1943 and 1945, Albiston in 1941 and 1946, Culpitt in 1947. Ryan was later a Hawthorn President. Bennett also played 108 games for Footscray; Carmody also played 94 games for Collingwood. Williams was Hawthorn captain in 1943, Bohan in 1944 and 1946, and Albiston captain-coach 1947-49. Not very many spectators. Military uniforms are seen in crowd. White shorts.

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Round: 7 Venue: Brunswick St Date: Sat, 20-Jun-1942
Fitzroy 16 14 (110)
Hawthorn 14 10 (94)

Two Photos in the same day at different Grounds

On the same day, 122_168 - Hawthorn Senior Team 1942 is taken at Brunswick street before the game and photo 122_114 - Footscray Football Club 1942, is taken at half time/end of the game on the same day at Yarraville

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