Jim Baird

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Born: 09-Nov-1920 - 4-Nov-2003
Place of Birth: Parkville, Victoria1
Died: 04-Nov-20032
Place of Death: Sandringham, Victoria3
Height: 179 cm (AFL Stats), 180cm (Blueseum)


Carlton (VFL) Senior Team 1941-51


Baird played 130 games for the Blues from 1941-43 and 1945-51. For a biography of Jim Baird, see Jim Main and Russell Holmesby, Carlton - the 100 Greatest, Crossbow, 1994, pp. 17-20.


Argus 24-Jun-1950 p14 The Argus Week-End Magazine

ONE of the best all-round athletes in the game is JIM BAIRD, who has done such a fine job as a half-back for Carlton. He is a real Carlton product, as he worked his way up from the fourths, and played his first senior game in 1941. With lots of interruptions during the war years, he is now approaching his 100th game for the club.

Jim is good in the air, has pace, clash, and judgment, and is most versatile. He has even been a full for- ward, with seven goals against Fitzroy his best performance. He is also an interstate cricketer, being the fast bowler last year, when he had some fine performances, and as a runner was third in the 1946 Stawell Gift and won several other events.

Jim is a master builder, married, with two children, and living in Parkville.

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