Les Crosbie

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Born: 21-Sep-1914 (AFL Tables)
Died: 14-Oct-20061
Height: 184cm (AFL Tables)


Richmond (VFL) Seconds c1937 and 1940
Hawthorn Seconds ?
Northcote (VFA) 1940
North Melbourne (VFL) 1941-1944 - 44 Games, 1 Goals



1937 - Permit "L.J Crosbie Police to Richmond"2

1940 -"Officials were surprised by the performance in the ruck of L Crosbie, last year's coach of Richmond District, who is likely to be included on the training list. Aged 23 years, he is 6ft. 1½in. and 14st. 7lb."3

1941 - re BRIAN RANDALL - "Coming from school he went straight to the Richmond District side, where he was coached by "Bing" Crosbie. formerly of Hawthorn and Richmond." 4

1941 - "Six change have been made by North Melbourne Sharp (St Kilda), Crosby Richmond seconds and Northcote)" 5

1941 - NORTH MELBOURNE..."L Crosbie (Northcote follower and a policeman) also had a run" 6

'Bing was a huge man, who was a motor bike rider in the Police Force. He would come to training (on his police motor-bike and in uniform) to watch his son train with the 3rds’ and although he was a fairly quiet person, however whenever he was standing beside you, simply because he was so bloody big, (and probably because he was in this scary uniform) you always felt intimidated and in awe of him.' - Bill Liddy

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AFL Tables - Les Crosbie


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