Melbourne Seconds 1939c (SLV 122_118)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV
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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/118

Team: Melbourne (VFL)
Location: M.C.G.
Date: circa 1939

Ken Feltscheer (Back Row, fourth left)
Keith Truscott (third player from left in middle row)
Ron Barassi Senior (extreme right of middle row)
Gordon Waters, (Front Row far Left)


This is a Melbourne (VFL) team. Quite apart from the guernsey shades, there are two good clues. The photo is taken just below the ‘MCC’ (i.e Melbourne Cricket Club) insignia on the Members Grandstand at the MCG. The team includes two players who have since become very well-known as heroes of World War Two, both killed in war-time service:

Keith ‘Bluey’ Truscott (third player from left in middle row) and Ron Barassi Senior (extreme right of middle row). This is not, however, the Melbourne Senior Team. Almost certainly Melbourne Seconds, circa 1939. Melbourne Seconds were actually premiers in 1939 so this is quite possibly the premiership team. Barassi’s senior career with Melbourne spanned 1936-40, Truscott’s 1937-40, 1942. Truscott looks very young here, suggesting the photo may have been taken as early as 1936 or 1937. Black shorts. Earlier in the thirties, Melbourne Seconds were premiers five times running: 1931-35.

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Two players from this team receeived permits to Hawthorn in 1939
Waters played with Hawthorn from 37-41
Feltscheer played with Hawthorn from 37-43

Melbourne Seconds Coach 1933-39 was Bill 'Bull' Adams. Adams played for the seconds until 1937.

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