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Full Name: Alfred William Paul Bell1
Born: 12-Apr-1914 (AFL Tables)
Died: 04-Jul-19452
Place of Death: Balikpapan, Borneo3
Height: 174cm (AFL Tables)


St Kilda (VFL) 1937-1938 - 15 Games, 20 Goals




Shepparton Advertiser 5-Jul-1946 p15

Paul Bell -  Shepparton Advertiser  5-Jul-1946 P15
Paul Bell - Shepparton Advertiser 5-Jul-1946 P15

One of the most brilliant all round sportsman of the later generation was Paul Bell, who in an all too short a career distinguished himself as a foot-baller. runner, cyclist and cricketer.

Starting with Lemnos in 1933, he showed such promising form as a rover and forward that he quickly won promotion to Shepparton, then playing in the GV League on Wednesday. In 1933 he played well with Richmond and in the following two years was with St. Kilda. Giving up Melbourne league football owing to pressure of business in 1938 he became, coach of Cobram.

The following summer was his zenith in the athletic sphere, sensationally winning the treble at the 1939 Shepparton Charity Carnival. He also won the Benalla gift, and numerous sprint races. Earlier he showed promise as a cyclist and won several events at Benalla. Shepparton and Yarrawonga.

Enlisting in 1940 he served with the 2nd 15th Commandos and was killed in action on July 4, 1945. at Balik-papen on what was to have been his last patrol before returning to Australia on leave. Thus, one year and one day ago was lost in the prime of life a brilliant all round sport and a modest and unassuming gentleman.

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