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Argus 3Oct1932 p13
Argus 3Oct1932 p13

Season and Lead-up

Carlton ended the home and away season on first place on the ladder with 15 wins, followed by Richmond and Collingwood with one win less, South Melbourne completed the four with 13 wins. Previous years premier's Geelong, came fifth, missing the finals.

Collingwood won the first semi final, knocking out South Melbourne. Richmond defeated Carlton by 25 points in the second semi final, earning themselves a week's rest and a place in the final. Harry Vallence kicked 11 goals in the Preliminary final, as Carlton defeated the magpies by 75 points, and would square off again for the second time in three weeks against Richmond.

Richmond had lost the 1931 Grand Final to Geelong and the 1927, 1928 and 1929 Grand Finals to Collingwood. This would be Richmond's 5th Grand Final in six years, and this would be the Tigers first flag since 1921. Carlton, although regular finalists, had not won a premiership since 1915.


Haydn Bunton again won the Brownlow Medal. Jack Dyer with 12 votes was in 7th place and the highest placed vote getter from Richmond and Carlton, but Dyer did not play in the Grand Final.


Table Talk 6-Oct-1932 p3 Richmond GF
Table Talk 6-Oct-1932 p3 Richmond GF

After a number of Grand Finals where Richmond was younger and less experienced than their opponents, in 1932 this was reversed. Six Tigers had played 100+ League games, including Jack Baggott (this was his 100th), Percy Bently, Allan Geddes, Basil McCormack, Joe Murdoch and Tom O'Halloran.

B:Martin BolgerMaurie SheahanKevin O'Neill
HB:Jack BaggottJoe MurdochBasil McCormack
C:Stan JudkinsEric ZschechAllan Geddes
HF:Jack TwyfordGordon StrangJack Titus
F:Fred HeifnerDoug StrangMaurie Hunter
Foll:Percy BentleyTom O'HalloranRay Martin
Reserve(s):Jack Anderson
Coach:Frank Hughes b1894


Table Talk 6-Oct-1932 p3 Carlton GF
Table Talk 6-Oct-1932 p3 Carlton GF

Geelong's George Moloney was the League's leading goal kicker for 1932 with 109 goals. Harry Vallence was second with 97.

Fred Gilby, Harry Vallence and Joe Kelly were the 100 gamers for the Blues with 18 year old Keith Shea the youngest and least experienced in the team.

B:Jim CroweFrank GillCharlie Street
HB:Eric HuxtableGordon MackieFred Gilby
C:Joe KellyColin MartynLeo Oprey
HF:Keith SheaAlf EganCreswell Crisp
F:Horrie BullenHarry VallenceRon Cooper
Foll:Charlie DaveyMaurie JohnsonAnsell Clarke
Reserve(s):Jack Young
Coach:Dan Minogue

Reference_ 1932 VFL Grand Final - Winning Team (Richmond)
Reference_ 1932 VFL Grand Final - Defeated Team (Carlton)

The Game

Argus 1Oct1932 p19
Argus 1Oct1932 p19

Sat, 01-Oct-1932
Attendance: 69,724

Richmond3.3 (21)7.9 (51)8.12 (60)13.14 (92)
Carlton2.3 (15)5.6 (36)7.11 (53)12.11 (83)
RI by 6RI by 15RI by 7RI by 9

Richmond: D.Strang 4,Titus 2,Anderson 1,Bentley 1,Heifner 1,Hunter 1,Martin 1,O'Halloran 1,G.Strang 1
Carlton: Vallence 5, Bullen 2, Clarke 2, Shea 2, Crisp 1

Match Reviews

A close and exciting game throughout.

The Age 3-Oct-1932 p11
Argus 3-Oct-1932 p13


Argus 3Oct1932 p13 CDavey Crisp Carlton OHalloran Sheehan Richmond
Argus 3Oct1932 p13 CDavey Crisp Carlton OHalloran Sheehan Richmond
The Age 3Oct1932 p11 GStrang Sheehan Baggot Richmond Vallence Carlton
The Age 3Oct1932 p11 GStrang Sheehan Baggot Richmond Vallence Carlton

The Aftermath

Richmond would win again in 1934. Carlton would have to wait until 1938.


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