Reference_ 1938 VFA Grand Final


Argus 22 Aug 1938 P15 Banner
Argus 22 Aug 1938 P15 Banner

Season and Lead-up

Argus 17 Aug 1938 P22 GF Training
Argus 17 Aug 1938 P22 GF Training



Source:Roar of the Crowd VFA Finals - Mark Fiddian
B:Ken McKernanTed FayKeith Maskell
HB:Jack DaviesJack Cooper b1911Bill Turner b1912
C:Charlie ChallengerRay QuinnTom Clarke
HF:Roy GardnerRoy McKayAlex Gillon
F:Ron BaileyGeoff McInnesCol Crawford
Foll:Bill McGrathColin Boyd
Rov:Jim Dowling

Original Source has 'Keith' Maskell rather than 'Ken'


Original Source:Argus Friday Team List/Australasian 27-Aug-1938 p18
B:Cyril HindsonNorman EganJack George
HB:M CondonBruce HoneFrank Johnson b1916
C:Ray MillerJim Hallahan b1911Cec Williamson
HF:Geoff WeberJack ConnellFred Dean
F:Leo OpreyGeorge TannerRay Bolwell
Foll:Alan FitcherCF/F? Morgan
Rov:Ern Penny

'Brighton's centre line was weakened by the absence of Baker, who collapsed in the morning. Miller, a half-forward, was transferred to the wing.' - (Australasian 27-Aug-1938 p18)

Baker who missed the game was Selwyn Baker

Reference_ 1938 VFA Grand Final - Winning Team (Brunswick)
Reference_ 1938 VFA Grand Final - Defeated Team (Brighton)

The Game

Sat 20-Aug-1938
Toorak Park (Armadale)
Crowd: 20,000 (Argus)

Brunswick8.3 (51)10.4 (64)15.12 (102)19.17 (131)
Brighton3.3 (21)7.12 (54)12.12 (84)14.14 (98)

Brunswick: Bailey 4, McInnes 3, Dowling 3, Boyd 2, Challenger 2, McKay 2, Crawford, Gardner, Quinn
Brighton: Fitcher 3, Connell 2, Morgan 2, Opray 2, Penny 2, Dean, N. Egan, Tanner

Match Previews

Argus 16-Aug-1938 p16 - Decision re Venue
Argus 17-Aug-1938 p22
Argus 19-Aug-1938 p18

Match Reviews

Australasian 27-Aug-1938 p18
Argus 22-Aug-1938 p15


Argus 22 Aug 1938 P15 Brighton Players
Argus 22 Aug 1938 P15 Brighton Players

The Aftermath


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