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The Gardiner Medal was formerly awarded to the best and fairest player in the VFL Seconds/Reserves competition.



1926Alby Jacobsen (South Melbourne), R. James (Essendon)
1927Sam Jamison (Richmond)
1928Norm Driver (Melbourne), Jim Money (Geelong)
1929Bob Ross (Collingwood)
1930Selwyn Baker (Richmond), Max Kelly (Geelong)
1931A. Franke (North Melbourne)
1932A. Logan (Hawthorn)
1933Ern Utting (Hawthorn)
1934Richie Saunders (Richmond)
1935Joe Kinnear (Melbourne)
1936Marcus Boyall (Collingwood)
1937Alec Peak (St Kilda)
1938Bruce Calverley (Fitzroy)
1939Noel Smith (Essendon)
1940Mick Price (Carlton)
1941Pat McNamara (South Melbourne)
1942K. Taylor (St Kilda)
1943Ern Hart (Melbourne)
1944Dick Wearmouth (Footscray)
1945Harold Arthur (North Melbourne)
1946J. McLeod (Footscray)
1947Pat Twomey (Collingwood)
1948Joe Ryan (Footscray)
1949Kevin Coghlan (Collingwood)
1950Doug Davies (Geelong), Jack O'Halloran (Essendon)
1951Neil Doolan (North Melbourne)
1952Leo O'Halloran (Geelong)
1953Col Austen (Richmond)
1954Neil Pearson (Hawthorn)
1955Doug Davies (Geelong)
1956Graham Kerr (Melbourne)
1957Les Pridham (Essendon)
1958John Fisher (Hawthorn)
1959Bill Shelton (Hawthorn)
1960Neil Trezise (Geelong)
1961Jock O'Brien (North Melbourne)
1962Jim Gutterson (Footscray)
1963Wally Clark (Fitzroy)
1964Gary Arnold (Richmond)
1965Kevin Jackman (Footscray)
1966Darryl Herrod (Geelong)
1967Ricky Graham (Geelong)
1968Phil Rhoden (Melbourne)
1969Ken Emselle (Melbourne)
1970Paul Callery (Melbourne), Michael Redenbach (North Melbourne)
1971Bruce Brown (Melbourne), Bob Heard (Collingwood)
1972Mike Pokrovsky (Footscray)
1973Vin Catoggio (Carlton)
1974Stephen Clifford (Collingwood)
1975Neil Chamberlain (Melbourne)
1976Alan Mangels (Carlton)
1977Daryl Schimmelbusch (North Melbourne)
1978Alan Goad (Hawthorn)
1979Colin Boyd b1954 (Essendon)
1980Bill Valli (Essendon)
1981Malcolm Reed (Geelong), Daryl Vernon (Richmond)
1982Roger Merrett (Essendon)
1983John Taylor (Footscray)
1984Jim Stephenson (Footscray)
1985James Bennett (Hawthorn), Greg Dear (Hawthorn)
1986Tony Liberatore (Footscray)
1987Brad Gotch (St Kilda)
1988Tony Liberatore (Footscray)
1989Michael Kol (Geelong)
1990Rod Keogh (Melbourne)
1991Stephen Anderson (Collingwood)
1992Mick Dwyer (St Kilda)
1993Rod Keogh (Melbourne)
1994David Bain (Fitzroy)
1995Simon Crawshay (Hawthorn)
1996Trent Nichols (North Melbourne)
1997Brad Lloyd (Hawthorn)
1998Simon Arnott (Sydney)
1999Daniel Healy (St Kilda)

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