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Coburg (VFA)

Senior Team

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coburg_Football_Club

Years Captains
1925 Bob Weatherill
1926-1928 Harry Kerley
1929-1931 Jim Jenkins
1930 Tim Trevaskis, Jim Jenkins
1932-1933 Greg Stockdale
1934 George Rudolph
1935 Alex Duncan
1936 Peter Reville
1937-1939 Jack Scanlon
1939 E Lines, Jack Scanlon
1940-1941 Lance Collins
1945-1946 Bob Atkinson
1947-1948 Ron Wilson
1949-1951 Harry Equid
1952-1953 Chris Lambert
1954-1955 Jack Condon
1956 Harry Wilkinson
1957-1960 Doug Bigelow
1961-1962 Ray Jordan
1962 Ray Jordan / G Short
1963 Jack Sullivan
1964 Brian Barclay
1965 Tony Tancredi
1966-1968 John Welsh
1969-1973 Mick Erwin
1974-1975 Colin Hobbs
1976 Denis O'Callaghan
1977 Alan Mannix
1978 L Robertson
1979-1980 R Beattie
1981-1983 L Burt
1984-1986 Phil Cleary
1987-1991 Brad Nimmo
1992-1993 Ken Ingram
1994-1996 S Salvador
1997-1999 A Alessio
2000 M McLeod
2001 J Lappin / M McLeod
2002 P Steinfort
2003 D Talbot
2004 L Carlson
2005 E Kuret
2006-2007 T Ronaldson
2008 P Shelton
2009 N Carnell

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