South Melbourne Seconds 1936c (SLV 122_042)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV

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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/42

Team: South Melbourne (VFL)
Location: Lake Oval (Albert Park)
Date: 1936

Back Row (Middle) Wilbur Harris
Back Row (far Right) Rex Ritchie
Middle row (fourth player from left) is Harry Clarke
Middle Row (6th player from left) probably Reg Richards
Front Row: (2nd player from left) is Keith Smith


This is a South Melbourne (VFL) Seconds team photographed circa 1936.
The player in the centre of the middle row (fourth player from left) is Harry Clarke. Clarke, who had played 147 senior games as a wingman with the Bloods from 1926-35 (winning the best and fairest in the premiership year 1933), retired from the South Senior Team at the end of 1935 and then ‘helped out with the Reserves’. See Jim Main, Honour the Names, p. 61. Clarke is the only player identified.

The photo has been taken at South Melbourne’s Lake Oval against the background of the grandstand wall. This appears to be the exact same location as seen in the image of the Footscray-like team in 122_251 and 122_115. This coincidence suggests that the team seen in Photos 122_251 and 122_115 is possibly a Footscray Seconds team taken in the same session as the shot of the South Seconds team. (Note South have black shorts; the ‘Footscray’ team have white). Significantly perhaps, Footscray won the VFL Seconds premiership in 1936. So Photo 17/8 (and 37) may be photos of the 1936 Bulldogs reserves premiership side. On the other hand, the socks and jumpers in Photos 122_251 and 122_115 are not uniform and the fourth player from left in middle row resembles Colin Williamson (of Northcote and St.Kilda, not Footscray). Eighteen players.

Further Work Needed

Man on left has FSC on his cap (4th from left middle row identified as two different people?

Reg Richards identified. Richards played his first senior games for South Melbourne in 1936 (3 senior games that season).

Duplicates - Near Identical Photos

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