Stan Dawson

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Born: Data Withheld
Died: Living or Status Not Known
Height: 179cm (AFL Tables)


Collingwood Junior League1
Collingwood (VFL) 1938-1941 - 21 Games, 21 Goals
Preston (VFA) 1941 2
Fitzroy (VFL) 1943-1946 - 57 Games, 40 Goals


1938 - League Permit: S.R. Dawson - Junior League to Collingwood3

STAN DAWSON,—Joined Collingwood in 1938. A dyed-in-the-wool Colllngwood player, born in the district, educated in it and played all his football ln those parts. Age 22, wt. lOst. 81b., ht. 5ft. lOin. Schooled at Collingwood S3, and North Fitaroy Central. Went to the Magpies from Collingwood Junior League. A, wool dyer and single. Dabbles in cricket, tennis and basketball as well as owning and training greyhounds, - Sporting Globe 19404

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