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Full Name: Thomas Lahiff1
Born: 31-Ju-19102
Died: 8-Dec-19963
Height: 168cm (AFL Tables)


St Kilda (VFL) Seconds 1929
Brighton (VFA) 1930
Port Melbourne (VFA) 1931-34, 1938-41, 1945
Essendon (VFL) 1935-1937 - 49 Games, 67 Goals
South Melbourne (VFL) 1942 - 6 Games, 10 Goals
Hawthorn (VFL) 1942-1944 - 19 Games, 23 Goals

Hawthorn (VFL) Senior Team 1944
Port Melbourne (VFA) 1935, 1937-39, 1941,1945-46, 1962
Albury 1947
Corowa 1948-49
Sandringham (VFA) 1954
Carlton Stars (Sunday)
South Melbourne (VFL) Senior Team 1965 (1 Game)


TOM LAHIFF, Port Melbourne (rover). — Few players have given greater service to a club. Although a veteran. Is playing as well as ever. For dogged perseverenoe rather than brilliance has never let Port down this year. Can be relied upon to get goals. Most of Port's goals directly or indirectly due to him. Understands his rucks and always In play. Clever about the packs.
Storting Globe Sep 19404

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Argus 24-Apr-1935 p16 Tommy Lahiff
Argus 24-Apr-1935 p16 Tommy Lahiff

AFL Tables - Tommy Lahiff
Wikipedia - Tommy Lahiff



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4. ASSOCIATION STARS (1940, September 7). Sporting Globe (Melbourne, Vic. : 1922 - 1954), , p. 5 (Edition1). Retrieved April 9, 2016, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article188813682

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