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Tue 27-Aug-2013 - Playing catch-up

Published by mriley on 2013-08-26 mriley
Wow. It has been a while since I have written a site update. The site has been continually updated over the last few months.

Boyles Photos

More photos from the Hawks Museum
Hawthorn Senior Team 1936 (HM 02)
Hawthorn Senior Team 1939 (HM 03)
Hawthorn Senior Team 1945 (HM 06)
Hawthorn Senior Team 1946 (HM 07)
Hawthorn Senior Team 1956 (HM 09)

Boyles photos from Charles Leski Auction Catalogues
Charles Leski Auctions
Essendon Senior Team 1941 (CLA17)
Essendon Senior Team 1946 (CLA18)
Carlton Senior Team 1940 (CLA19)
Carlton Senior Team 1941 (CLA20)
Carlton Senior Team 1942 (CLA21)
Geelong Senior Team 1933 (CLA22)
Footscray Senior Team 1954 (CLA23)
Carlton Senior Team 1944 (CLA24)
Carlton Senior Team 1945 (CLA25)
UnIdentified RAAF Team c1943 (CLA26)
Brunswick City 1942 (CLA06)

New Photo Collection

A new collection of photos from interstate/interleague competitions
Interstate Competition

New Project

Yes a long term project to track the oldest Australian Rules footballs and where to find them.
Oldest Footballs

Key/Interesting Games

We are slowly building the archive of past games. It is a slow process.
Reference_ 1960 VFL R13 Collingwood v Hawthorn - Hawthorn's first win at Victoria Park
Reference_ 1928 VFL R06 - Fitzroy kick 2 goals 27 points
Reference_ 1937 VFL R16 - Collingwood v Melbourne - A Record Aggregate 295 points

New Lists

New VFA lists. VFA information is much harder to get than VFL/AFL. Most other sites and books usually only include initials and surnames in their lists. We try here to include first names in full and then cross check to see if the reference is to an existing person in our database.
Reference_ Prahran Captains
Reference_ Prahran Coaches
Reference_ Prahran Team of the Century
Reference_ Sandringham Team of the Century

New Player pages

All VFL/AFL players from 1925-65 are already in our system. But our lists also include a number of players who played exclusively in the VFA or in other competitions. New player pages include:
Les Boyd
Loyal Oakley
Billy Quinn
Ted Henrys
Cec Hiscox
Jack Howell b1895
Pat Walsh

Period Football Cards

We cannot thank Damien Grren enough for his fantastic Australian Rules Football Cards Website. Virtually all of our images are from Damien's collection. We have linked cards on our site back to player pages, identified first names for nearly all VFA cards and provided commentary on possible links between card series. If you are interested in football cards then I am sure Damien's site will be your first port of call. Latest card series added to our site are:

1932 Hoadleys Victorian League Footballers
1933 Godfrey Phillips Victorian Footballers
1933 Hoadleys Victorian Footballers
1934 Hoadleys Victorian Footballers
1935 Hoadleys Victorian Footballers
1938 Hoadleys League Footballers
1939 Allens Footballers
1950 Kornies Victorian Footballers
1951 Kornies Footballers in Action
1952 Kornies Footballers in Action
1953 Argus Football Portraits
1953 Kornies Footballers in Action
1954 Kornies Champion Footballers

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Outside Football

General links to footballers' occupations and links to other sports.
Links to Outside Football