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Published by mriley on 2014-03-07 mriley
Happy birthday to us. The website has now been live for 12 months providing a resource for Football historians and those interested in their family history.

Source: Wikicommons
Source: Wikicommons


The site has grown enormously in the 12 months. There are around 10,000 photos on around 6500 wiki pages.
We have been very grateful for the assistance that people have given us over the year, sending us photos and correcting information. When we started we knew that properly identifying photos would require the effort of the football community and it has been exciting to see that actually happen.

Copyright remains a restriction on what we add to the site. We would like to cartoons, paintings and photos from post 1955 but in many cases the issue is that we do not know who to contact for the proper permission to publish these items. We are also proud of our efforts to address the privacy of living players in the database. In the longer term, this should assist us in providing a boundary for biographical information on people's pages.

The articles have taken an enormous amount of work to research, write and to proofread. In terms of work on the site, over half the work has gone into writing articles. We have no solid direction for 2014 but hope to keep adding photos and information to the site to make it a resource useful to the football community.


Source: AWStats (as at 3-Mar-2014)
AWStats Boyles Football Photos 2013
AWStats Boyles Football Photos 2013

AWStats Boyles Football Photos 2014
AWStats Boyles Football Photos 2014

This equates to an average of 396 unique visitors per day tracked using AW Stats.

A very high percentage of our users are from Australia but obviously there are a few x-pats out there as well as there are hits from a range of other countries. The summary of country of origin for 2013 provides an indication.

AWStats Boyles Football Photos for 2013
AWStats Boyles Football Photos for 2013

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