1. Noavatar

    Phillip Gilmore 2016-08-19 19:33

    This is not the 1954 Grand Final team. I dont know which it is but I do recognise the obvious Ted Whitten but also Arthur Edwards back row middle or fifth if you like from the left. Third from left on Middle row is Charlie Sutton. There are more I'd have to double check but too many I cannot recognise at all but I know my father should be there so its not the premiership side.
    1. Noavatar

      Robert Marriott 2016-12-25 16:47

      Agree with Phillip re GF team. Can add a few more names.
      Back Row. Ted Whitten Jim Gallager Unknown Alan Martin Arthur Edwards Herb Henderson Harvey Stevens Dave Bryden Unknown
      Middle Row Roger Duffy Jack Collins Charlie Sutton Peter Box Unknown Unknown
      Front Row Unknown John Kerr Bob Collins Unknown Unknown
    2. Noavatar

      Rex McPhee 2018-02-03 17:36

      Round 11 against Collingwood. Back Row : Ted Whitten, Jim Gallagher, Angus Abbey, Alan Martin, Arthur Edwards, Herb Henderson, Harvey Stevens, Davis Bryden, Frank McRae.
      Middle Row : Roger Duffy, Jack Collins, Charlie Sutton, Peter Box, Don Ross, John Nuttall.
      Front Row : Peter McPhee, John Kerr, Bob Collins, Doug Reynolds, Ron McCarthy.
  2. Noavatar

    Rob Meredith 2016-12-28 08:48

    Brian Gilmore only missed one game that year, R11 at Collingwood. If he's not in the pic, as Phillip points out, then it's got to be that game, doesn't it?
  3. Noavatar

    annettte mcrae 2017-03-23 20:22

    top right my uncle Frank McRae

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