122_060 - Unidentified Group at North Melbourne Ground - mid 1930s

Charles Boyles Collection SLV

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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/60

Team: North Melbourne (VFL)
Date: circa 1930s

People:Arthur Calwell, Tom Fitzmaurice, Johnny Gregory, Wally Carter, Neville Huggins


A large and sprawling group of about two hundred gathered in front of North Melbourne grandstand at Arden Street circa mid-late thirties.
The SLV’s ‘guernsey’ appellation is inaccurate and misleading. About half of the group are wearing striped (blue and white?) blazers, not guernseys. Also, ostensibly, there is nothing at all in the picture to suggest this is a group of footballers.

However, somewhat conspicuous at the front of the throng is Arthur Calwell. Calwell, who was to become the leader of the Federal parliamentary Labor Party, had a longstanding association with the North Melbourne Football Club. He was North Melbourne President 1929-34 when the club was still very Roman Catholic in character. So I suspect this group may be a gathering of North Melbourne past players (and officials presumably).

Caldwell (1) and Carter (2)
Caldwell (1) and Carter (2)

Without absolute certainty, former North players Tom Fitzmaurice, Johnny Gregory and Wally Carter are also detected in the group. Gregory and Fitzmaurice appear on the left of the group and Wally Carter appears just behind Calwell. Possibly Johnny Meere (official) just in front of Fitzmaurice. Note one of the group is wearing a twenties-style North Melbourne jumper (blue with white ‘V’).

Gregory (4) and Meeres (3)
Gregory (4) and Meeres (3)

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A number of different jumpers and Monograms appear on various jumpers. Some examples are:



Neville Huggins Cluster

A partially obscured face is probably Neville Huggins who played for North Melbourne 1931-35.

A number of people surrounding 'Huggins' are partially identified.

Neville Huggins (circled Middle of Top Row) - Blond hair

For example the person on the far right appears as a player in 122_126 - Probably Essendon Seconds team - circa 1939.

Different Crop of photo below - Person on left of photo below is in the Essendon Seconds photo.

Another face (See Below) also appears in a North Melbourne group of Team officials including Wally Carter and E. Kaiser. (NSM 1986.1170.1210)
North Melbourne Official
North Melbourne Official

A man two to the left of Huggins wears Police cap number 8290. (According to the Victoria Police Museum and Historical Unit, this is Neville Huggins cap number.)

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