Brighton Senior Team 1934c (SLV 122_196)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV
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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/196

Team: Brighton (VFA)
Location: Elsternwick Park (Elsternwick)
Date: Circa 1934-35

George Hunt, back row, third from left
Cyril Lilburne, back row, fifth from left


This is a Brighton (VFA) senior team, circa 1934 or 1935. The team was presumably photographed at home ground Elsternwick Park.

The sleeveless player third from left in the back row is George Hunt, seen in other SLV Boyles photos of Brighton. The player fifth from left (holding the football) in the middle row is Cyril ‘Dooley’ Lilburne. Lilburne also appears as the captain of the 1930 Brighton team 122_206 - Brighton Senior Team 1930. He looks to be quite a bit older and bigger here than he does in the 1930 photo.

Information about Lilburne comes from two sources: Marc Fiddian, From Cabbage Patch to Caulfield (A History of Brighton Football Club), Booksurge Australia, 2005; Paul Hogan, Tigers Of Old - A Complete History of Every Player to Represent the Richmond Football Club 1908-1996, Richmond Football Club, 1996, p. 126. The two authors present conflicting facts. According to Fiddian, Lilburne captained Brighton 1930-31 and 1934-35 but did not coach the team. Hogan has him captain 1930 and 1934 and captain-coach 1932. Fortunately they seem to concur on everything else. Originally from Old Collegians, Lilburne played 140 games for Brighton (1923-25, 1930-35) and 74 games for Richmond (1926-29). He captained the Tigers in 1929 and represented Victoria (VFL).

Coach of Brighton in 1934-35 was Wels Eicke, formerly of St. Kilda.

I cannot identify any other players, nor can I distinguish any from the 1930 or 1932 teams (see 122_206 - Brighton Senior Team, 1930 and 122_205 - Brighton Senior Team, probably 1932.
Some spectators. Probably match day. Nineteen players. Black shorts. Note police and helmets in the background. Also two St John’s Ambulancemen (presumably), three trainers, seven officials, one mascot. The monogram on the jumpers in this photo seems different from the ‘BFC’ monogram seen in SLV 122/205, and not so obviously ‘BFC’.

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