Carlton Senior Team 1933 (SLV 122_022)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV

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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/22

Team: Carlton (VFL)
Location: Princes Park, Carlton
Date: 1933

Back: Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Horrie Bullen , Ron Cooper, Les Hughson, possibly Maurie Johnson
Middle: Possibly Jim Park, Bob Green, possibly Jack Green b1905, Charlie Davey , Frank Gill, Unknown, Unknown, Harry Vallence
Front: Possibly James Crowe, Ansell Clarke, Jack Hale, Fred Gilby


This is the Carlton (VFL) Senior Team photographed at Princes Park photographed in front of Robert Heatley Stand.

Further Work Needed

James Crowe - Front Row far Left

Jim Park - Middle row far left

Eric Little - Middle Row 6th left
Not listed as playing the round 18 match - though all other players are

Leo Oprey is 168cm with hair parted in the middle
If this is round 18, then he is in the photo - possibly middle row third from left
the resemblence to the 1933 Wills card for Oprey is not good

Centenary souvenir of the Carlton Football Club : from 1864-1933 / compiled by R.A. Colin Martyn, R.W.E. Wilmot.
p46 Lists profile of all 1933 players including their profession eg Keith Shea, Hairdresser

Les Hughson played for five VFL clubs

Jack Hale only played 6 games in the 1933 season and a comparison including other players identifies only one viable home game (norte the black shorts).

Round: 18 Venue: Princes Park Date: Sat, 02-Sep-1933 2:45 PM Attendance: 18,000
Carlton 2.9.21 8.16.64 13.21.99 20.25.145
St Kilda 4.3.27 8.5.53 11.6.72 14.9.93

Identified Players
• Bullen, Horrie
• Cooper, Ron
• Hughson, Les
• Davey, Charlie
• Gill, Frank
• Vallence, Harry
• Clarke, Ansell
• Hale, Jack
• Gilby, Fred
• Crowe, Jim
• Park, Jim
• Green, Bob
• Green, Jack
• Johnson, Maurie

Other Players from round 18
• Crisp, Mickey
• Kelly, Joe
• Leffanue, Richard
• Mackie, Gordon
• Oprey, Leo

AFL Stats - Carlton v St Kilda, Round 18, 1933

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