Carlton Senior Team 1941 (CLA20)

Charles Leski Auctions

Carlton Senior Team 1941 Source: Charles Leski Auctions - Photographer: Charles Boyles
Carlton Senior Team 1941 Source: Charles Leski Auctions - Photographer: Charles Boyles

Team: Carlton (VFL)
Location: Princes Park (Carlton)
Date: 1941

Back Row: Jack Wrout, Unknown, Possibly Jack Bennett, Paul Schmidt, Possibly Arthur Sanger, Don McIntyre, Ken Baxter, Jim Baird
Mddle Row: Unknown, Jim Mooring , Frank Anderson, Jim Francis, Jack Hale, Unknown, Frank Gill
Front Row: Creswell Crisp, Jack Skinner, Bob Green


Charles Leski Auction Catalogue 329 Lot 197 '1941 Chas.Boyles real photo postcard "VFL Teams", showing 1941 Carlton team, with "C.F.C.1941" lower left. G/VG. '

Probably a photo by Charles Boyles. Identified by Charles Leski Auctions as a Photo by Charles Boyles. Style of Photo and writing similar to other work by Boyles.

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Possibly Round: 1 Venue: Princes Park Date: Sat, 26-Apr-1941 2:45 PM Attendance: 21000
Carlton 5.7.37 11.8.74 13.10.88 15.12.102
Essendon 3.3.21 7.4.46 12.7.79 15.9.99

If the identification of the game is correct, then the missing players are from
Carney, Jack
McInnes, Charlie
McTaggart, Bert
Regnier, Lance

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