Carlton Senior Team 1946 (SLV 122_008)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV
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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/8

Team: Carlton (VFL)
Location: Windy Hill, Essendon
Date: 1946

Back row - Jim Baird, Jack Bennett, Jack Howell, Ollie Grieve, Ken Hands, Fred Davies, Ken Baxter, Ray Garby, Jim Clark
Middle Row: Vin Brown, Bert Deacon, Bob Chitty, Arthur Sanger, Doug Williams, Unkown, Clinton Wines
Front Row: Jack Conley, Herb Turner, Ron Hines, Unkown


This is a 1946 Carlton (VFL) Senior Team photographed in white shorts (away game), at Windy Hill.

Further Work Needed

This photo is identified as 1946 team by the Blueseum website, athough their version is photographed from a slightly different position and the players face direct to camera. Initially it was suspected that two photographers were working at the same session, but the same photo from a different angle can be found in the NSM collection of Boyles photos.

A match by match analysis of the season identifies this photo as from Round 11, 1946 - Date: Sat, 06-Jul-1946, vs Essendon. Essendon (64) defeated Carlton (63) by 21 points.


20 players in photo, 18 identified. Missing players should be:

(Having trouble saving the link, but check photos from Blueseum to confiirm identities, especially Alec Way)

Duplicates - Near Identical Photos

1170_0431 - Carlton Senior Team 1946 - Slight Difference
1170_1047 - Carlton Senior Team 1946 - Duplicate
1170_0859 - Carlton Senior Team 1946 - Duplicate
1170_0546 - Carlton Senior Team 1946 - Wider image
1170_1054 - Carlton Senior Team 1946 - Wider image

The Blueseum has an unsourced photo from the same session, but from front on. The players appear to be looking at various cameras at the same time, rather than one photographer who has moved positions, leading to the assumption that this photo was taken by a different photographer.
Carlton Senior Team 1946 - Source: Blueseum - Photographer Unknown
Carlton Senior Team 1946 - Source: Blueseum - Photographer Unknown

Blueseum Photo
AFL Stats - Essendon v Carlton Round 11 1946

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