Carlton Senior Team 1958 (SLV 122_010)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV
Source: State Library of Victoria Photographic Collection
Source: State Library of Victoria Photographic Collection

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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/10

Team: Carlton (VFL)
Location: Princes Park, Carlton
Date: 1958

Back: Vic Garra, Don Hall, Gerald Burke, Bob Crowe, Graham Donaldson, John Nicholls, Sergio Silvagni, Ross Ousley, Peter Webster

Centre: H. Moggs (trainer), Doug Beasy, George. Ferry, Laurie Kerr (Vice-Capt), Jim Francis (Coach), Bruce Comben (Capt.), Graham Gilchrist, Don Nicholls

Front: Harry Crompton (Trainer), John James, Jack Sullivan, John Chick, John Heathcote, John Benetti, George Harrison (Trainer), Ossie Vincent (Trainer)


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Harry Crompton Captain of Port Melbourne in 1930s is trainer in Front Row. Harry Crompton also played for the Dunlop Team in the 1930 Industrial league

A number of names identified from a copy of the photo at the Carlton ‘Bluesum’

Wiki – "Jim Francis ... was appointed coach of the Blues from 1956-1958. Under his tenure the Blues struggled despite having a good side on paper and Francis was sacked in 1958. Francis was bitter about the firing and never spoke to his former close friend and Carlton coaching successor Ken Hands again."

Duplicates - Near Identical Photos

Carlton 1958 (PR01-01) - Note Slight Difference in facial expressions. For example John Nicholls in the back row has his mouth open in one photo and closed in another

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