Charles Leski Auctions

Charles Leski Auctions was established in 1873 and is a major Auction House for Australian Sporting Memorabilia. Over a number of years Leski's have auctioned a number of historical football items, including photos by Charles Boyles.

Leski's have kindly given permission for photos that appear in their catalogue to appear on this site.

The list of images below is for Charles Boyles photos. There are many other image from Leski's on this website and they will be identified as such on each image.

Leski Auction's - Charles Boyles Photos


Carlton Senior Team 1940 (CLA19)
Carlton Senior Team 1941 (CLA20)
Carlton Senior Team 1942 (CLA21)
Carlton Senior Team 1944 (CLA24)
Carlton Senior Team 1945 (CLA25)

Chitty, Bob (CLA01)
Clark, Jim (CLA02)
Deacon, Bert (CLA03)
Deacon, Bert (CLA04)
Green, Bob (CLA05)
Hands, Ken (CLA07)
Henfry, Ern (CLA08)
Mann, Cyril (CLA09)
Price, Mick (CLA10)
Savage, Ron (CLA11)
Schmidt, Paul (CLA12)
Wrout, Jack (CLA13)


Fothergill, Des (CLA14)
Mann, Neil (CLA15)
Waller, Neville (CLA16)


Essendon Senior Team 1941 (CLA17)
Essendon Senior Team 1946 (CLA18) - Probably Charles Boyles


Footscray Senior Team 1954 (CLA23)


Geelong Senior Team 1933 (CLA22)


Richmond Senior Team 1943 (DG_046)


Brunswick City 1942 (CLA06)
UnIdentified RAAF Team c1943 (CLA26)

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