Collingwood Senior Team 1941 (Age)

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Collingwood Senior Team 1941 - Source: Age Online - Out of Copyright Image
Collingwood Senior Team 1941 - Source: Age Online - Out of Copyright Image

Team: Collingwood (VFL)
Location: Victoria Park (Abbotsford)
Date: 1941

Back Row: Jock McHale, Marcus Whelan, unknown, unknown, Gordon Hocking, unknown, Jack Green, unknown
Middle Row: Jack Murphy, Phonse Kyne, Jack Regan, Alan Williams, unknown, Kevin Sullivan
Front Row: Dan Knott, Lou Richards, Alby Pannam, Harry Mears, unknown

Other Players are probably from:
Norm Campbell
Les Main
John McHale
Herb Naismith
Norm Oliver
Ted Ryan
Ron Smith


Further Work Needed

Year of image identified based on playing dates of various players identified in the photo.
1940 No Lou Richards
1941 - Must be 1941
1942 No Dan Knott, Jack green, Gordon Hocking, Jack Regan
1943 No Marcus Whelan
1944 No Dan Knott, Alby Pannam

The identified players only played together in one game in 1941.

Round: 7 Venue: Victoria Park Date: Sat, 14-Jun-1941 2:30 PM Attendance: 10000
Collingwood 5.6.36 8.10.58 10.14.74 17.19.121
North Melbourne 2.3.15 5.8.38 13.13.91 16.15.111

The identification of Kevin Sullivan by a family member confirmed that is photo was taken in round 7 rather than round 8.

Duplicates - Near Identical Photos

NSM 1986.1170.1269

What, Knott a Magpie? -Vin Maskell June 8, 2013


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