Collingwood Senior Team 1953 (SLV 292_009)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV

SLV Accession no. H91.292/9

Team: Collingwood (VFL)
Location: Victoria Park (Abbotsford)
Date: 30-May-1953

Back: Ron Kingston, Jack Finck, Jack Hamilton, Mick Twomey, Peter Lucas, Frank Tuck, Maurice Dunstan, Kevin Clarke, Keith Batchelor.
Middle: Arthur Gooch, Neville Waller, Jack Parker, Bill Tebble, Lou Richards, Neil Mann, Bob Rose, Bill Twomey.
Front: Des Healey, Jack Hickey, Ron Richards, Thorold Merrett


A Collingwood (VFL) Senior Team photographed on match day. Almost certainly premiership year 1953. Black shorts. Big crowd

Further Work Needed

Note Waller started in 1953 and Tebble finished that year.

Part of General Collection so No High Res Version available

NSM Collection Version identifies the photo as a different Year.
Some assistance provided by Collingwood Football Club historian Michael Roberts

A Match by atch analysis identifies this as Collingwood v Richmond, at Victoria Park
Collingwood 9.8.62
Richmond 5.9.39

Note that Neil Mann did not play in this match and the two players that Michael Roberts identified as possible matches (Gooch and Batchelor) can be confirmed, as both played in this match.


Note death of Jock McHale and John Wren in 1953

Duplicates - Near Identical Photos

XX_M03360 - Collingwood Senior Team 1953
292_009 - Collingwood Senior Team 1953 - This Image


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