Essendon Senior Team 1938 (RM)

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Back:Ray Watts, Leo Maynes, Hugh Torney, Tom Reynolds, Les Begley, Bob Standfield, Norm Baker, Ted Rippon
Middle: Murray Exelby, Stan Wilson, Harry Lippiatt, Len Webster, Dick Reynolds, Bill Luff, Arnold Maltby
Front: Billy Hall, Jack Caesar, Ted Bryce

Location: Windy Hill, Essendon
Date: 21 May 1938


See 122_238 - Essendon Senior Team 1938


Robert Meredith identified that "the only time those 18 played in the same team was Round 5, 1938 v South Melbourne (21 May 1938.)" - See AFL Tables

Note that William Luff is recorded as "R. Luff" on the photo. No R. Luff is listed on the Essendon F.C. All time Senior Player List. - Ref http://www.essendonfc.com.au/team/list-past.asp

Final Scores:
Essendon 15-15-105 d South Melbourne 11-19-85

Sent to Michael Riley by Robert Meredith 16 Jul 2012 after posting on a similar Essendon F.C. photo on the Big Footy Forums. Original source is Essendon FC

Original version is higher resolution, this version has been resized

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1170_1021 - Essendon Senior Team 1938
122_238 - Essendon Senior Team 1938
1938 Bombers - From Robert Meredith - With Frame - This Image

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