Fitzroy Senior Team 1947 (SLV 122_009)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV
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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/9

Team: Fitzroy (VFL)
Location: Brunswick Street Oval (Fitzroy)
Date: 1947

Back Row: Vic Chanter, Norm Johnstone, Reg Nicholls, Bert Clay, Claude Curtin, Allan Fields, Eddie Hart, George Hoskins, Leo Monaghan
Middle Row: Jack Toohey, Dick Kennedy, Clen Denning, Allan Ruthven, Fred Hughson, Bob Miller, Noel Price, Alan McLaughlin
Front Row: Noel Jarvis


Further Work Needed

Politician and founder of the Democrats political party Don Chipp played three games for the Gorillas in 1947.

For a discussion leading to a complete naming of the players, see http://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/need-help-who-is-this-and-what-year-is-that.948370/

With the identification of the players, the match can also be identified.
Leo Monaghan played only two home and away matches (Rounds 18 and 19) of which Bert Clay did not play round 19. This is confirmed as all other identified players played round 18 and Frank Curcio, who played 18 matches, but is not in the photo,did not play round 18.

George Coates and Heinz Tonn are on the team list, but are not in the photo.


23-Aug-1947 at Brunswick Street:
Fitzroy 18 22 (130)
Essendon 8 14 (62)


Duplicates - Near Identical Photos

122_009 - Fitzroy Senior Team - 1947 - This Image
XX_M03349 - Fitzroy Senior Team 1947

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