Hawthorn Senior Team 1940 (HM 04)

Hawks Museum Collection
Hawthorn Senior Team 1940 (HM 04) Edit Template - Source: Hawks Museum
Hawthorn Senior Team 1940 (HM 04) Edit Template - Source: Hawks Museum

Team: Hawthorn (VFL)
Location: Glenferrie Oval, Hawthorn
Date: 1940


Back Row: Bill Moore, Jack Carmody (v-c), Ken Feltscheer, Dudley Bragg, Jack Barker, Jack Blackman, Tom Sutherland, Leo Murphy
Middle Row: R Murdoch (Trainer), Charlie Vanderbist, Frank Samblebe, Stan Spinks, Bert Mills (c/c), Bill Pavey, Albert Naismith, Jim Bohan, S Syratt (trainer)
Front Row: J Wright (Trainer), Andy Angwin, Harold Albiston, Wally Culpitt


Player identifications completed by the Hawks Museum

Round: 6
Glenferrie Oval
Sat, 1-Jun-1940 2:30 PM
Crowd : 8000

Hawthorn 2.6.18 7.7.49 8.14.62 12.15.87
Melbourne 3.3.21 6.8.44 7.11.53 11.15.81

18 Players, Black Shorts. Reg Bell was 19th man on the day and is not in the photo

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NSM 1986.1170.1172

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