Miscellaneous Photos

Bulldogs Museum - Whitten Oval

Wally Donald (BM01)

Footscray Historical Society

Covers the City of Maribyrnong, including Footscray, Yarraville, Seddon, Kingsville.
1A-901 Yarraville Senior Team 1935
Footscray HS - Non Boyles Photos

North Melbourne Library- Melbourne Library Service

North Melbourne Senior Team 1932 (NML)

RAAF Museum/Archives

RAAF Photo - by CF Frazer
Combined Services v Richmond 12-Jul-1942 Souvenir Record
1942 Services Final Programme

State Library of New South Wales

1916 The Boomerangs at Parkes

Sydney Swans Heritage Museum

1957 South Melbourne Fourths
1954 South Melbourne Football Club - Trainers and Staff
1955-56 South Melbourne Professional Basketball Team First Season

Victoria Police Museum and Historical Unit

RN8308 - Russell Street Police F.C 1936
RN8309 - Southern Suburbs Police F.C 1936

Personnel Collections

These Boyles photos have been provided by Collectors, Family Members and Traders. Many of the photos here have included the players names which has been of substantial assistance. Thank you to everyone who has added photos.

Stephen Ackroyd
St Kilda Senior Team 1953 (Stephen Ackroyd)
St Kilda Seconds (Stephen Ackroyd)
Roberts, Neil (Stephen Ackroyd)
Bray, Harold and Hancock, Robert (Stephen Ackroyd)

Lynette Benton
RAAF Team.Inter-Services Premiers 1942

Brad Cook
St Kilda Senior Team 1948 (Brad Cook)

Damien Green
Damien Green Collection
Images collected by Damien Green, who runs the Australian Football Cards Website.

Bill Liddy
Phillips, Bruce (Bill Liddy) - St Kilda
Richards, Lou (Bill Liddy) - Collingwood
North Melbourne Senior Team 1947 (Bill Liddy)
North Melbourne Senior Team 1951 (Bill Liddy)

Carl Margariti Gold-N-Pawn
Richmond Senior Team 1954 (CM)

Daniel Maynes
Brunswick Senior Team 1934 (Daniel Maynes)
Fitzroy Senior Team 1935 (Daniel Maynes)

Brian Membrey
Preston Senior Team 1934 (BrM)
Preston Senior Team 1939 (BrM)

Robert Meredith
1938 Bombers - From Robert Meredith

Veronica Poynton
North Melbourne Senior Team 1945 R07 (VP)

Michael Riley
1930 Brighton Senior Team
1933 Brighton Senior Team

James Taylor
Richmond Senior Team 1947 (JT)
Evans, Ron (JT)
Morris, Bill 1948 (JT)
Stokes, Jervis (JT)

Blueseum Photos

Anonymous Collector
Private Collection 1

Charles Leski Auctions
Charles Leski Auctions

Virtual Yallourn
Doug Williams (VY)

From Modern Publications

Note - In Australia, photos from prior to 1955 are usually in the public domain. Republication of those images in a publication does not extend the initial copyright period of the image, or transfer the copyright of the image to the owner of publication in which the image was reproduced.

Tigerland: The History of the Richmond Football Club from 1885 by Brian Hansen,
first published 1989; reprinted 1992
Richmond Senior Team 1937 (Tigerland)
Richmond Senior Team 1942 (Tigerland)
Richmond Senior Team 1944 (Tigerland)

The Tigers 1908-2008: A Century of League Football by Rhett Bartlett
Richmond Senior Team 1943 (The Tigers 1908-2008)

The Bulldog Heritage - Historical Player Register by Western Bulldogs Forever Foundation 2010
Footscray Senior Team 1941 (BullDogHeritage)
Footscray Senior Team 1947 (BullDogHeritage)

Australian Football Hall of Fame
Morris, Bill c1949 (AFHF)

The Age Online
Collingwood Senior Team 1941 (Age)

You Can't Beat Yarraville 2003 - by John Heron
Yarraville Senior Team 1934
Yarraville Senior Team 1939

In the Blood - South Melbourne - Sydney Swans Football Club - 2009 - Jim Main
South Melbourne Senior Team 1947 - ITB
Clegg, Ron - ITB
Dorgan, Jim - ITB
Gillet, Ian - ITB
Gunn, Billy - ITB
Lane, Eddie - ITB
Svenson, John - ITB
Taylor, Jim - ITB
Williams, Billy - ITB

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