North Melbourne Past Players c1949 (SLV 122_181)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV

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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/70

Team: North Melbourne (VFL)
Location: Arden Street (North Melbourne)
Date: c1949

Back Row: Ernie Castles, Dave Cronin, Sel Murray, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Wally Carter, Dally O'Brien, Roy Sitch, Don 'Cast Iron' Kemp, Alf Clay, Arthur 'Syd' Slater, Unknown, Jack Adams

Middle Row: Phonse Tobin, Frank Trainor, A.R. 'Pixie' Odgers, Ron Smith, Colin Spratling, Jack Doherty, Probably Keith Forbes, Bill Findlay, Tom Roulent, Herb Jones, Billy 'Bomber' Wells

Front Row: Unknown, Charlie Skinner, Unknown, Possibly Jack McMurray Jnr, Unknown, Possibly Leo Dwyer, Basil Doolan, Unknown

Thanks to Bill Liddy and Kevin Dynon the identifications

Comments (Kevin Dynon and Bill Liddy)

Kevin and Bill believe it is Umpire Jack McMurray Jnr
Leo Dwyer - (Bill thinks yes, Kevin thinks not)

Definitely an “Old Players Game”.
Bill dates the image as c1949 as Dally O’Brien and Sel Murray finished in 1948

Note the RIBBON on most of the Officials jackets which may indicate a “particular” charity/fund raising day!!!! Ie: as in current PINK RIBBON day. And for huge crowd

The Amplifiers/Speakers above the race also indicate an “Old player’s game/social game”. They would not have been there for a VFL game.


A curious photo. Apparently a team of North Melbourne past players photographed in front of the grandstand at Arden Street. All of them are ‘getting on in years’. Apparently North Melbourne colours.

Cannot recognise any of the players but one of the men present and not in footy gear (seventh person from the left in the top row) appears to be Wally Carter who played 137 games for North (1929-40) and coached the club (1948-53).

A huge crowd and a very heavily populated grandstand. Past Players matches were popular in the early fifties.

Another possibility is a Victorian country Grand Final team. White shorts. Slightly blurry photo.

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