North Melbourne Senior Team 1949 (SLV 122_177)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV

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SLV Accession no. H2008.122/177

Team: North Melbourne (VFL)
Location: Arden Street, North Melbourne
Date: 1949

Top row - Jock Spencer (1948-57), Lindsay Baglin, Gerald Marchesi (1947-54), Vic Lawrence (1948-55), John Reeves (1948-55), Jock Lineen (1947, 49-54).
Middle row - Stan Radloff (1946-50), Leo Francis (1945-51), Jock McCorkell (1940-42, 46-53), Ted Jarrard (1944-53), Kevin Dynon (1943-54), Laurie Shipp (1949-51), Frank Jeeves, Les Reeves (1946-53).
Front row - Jim Bradford, Don Condon (1944-51), James Malone (1945-52), Jack Hedley, Keith McKenzie (1944-51), Ernie O'Rourke


A fine photo, and also a particularly good shot of the spectators in the grandstand. Very clear and no emulsion damage. Definitely North Melbourne Football Club (VFL) First Eighteen in front of the grandstand at Arden Street. Must be either 1949 or 1950 (see Radloff and Shipp dates below). North Melbourne finished in the top four both seasons and in 1950 played in the Grand Final.

The photo shows Kevin Dynon at the centre, probably substituting as captain for an absent Les Foote.

Further Work Needed

(In 1950 North adopted the Kangaroos name - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/North_Melbourne_Football_Club)

Les Foote played both Finals in 1949, Vic Lawrence played neither
Les Foote missed three games in 1949, and one in 1950
Lineen hardly played in 1950 missing the same game that Foote missed
Foote missed rounds 8,9 and 13 in 1949. Francis also missed round 8 and 13.

Match by Match, this must be Round 9 1949
Round: 9 Venue: Arden St Date: Mon, 13-Jun-1949 2:30 PM vs St Kilda

Bigfooty Discussion

Source: http://www.bigfooty.com/forum/threads/please-identify-north-melbourne-1949.957676/
comments by royals1922
The heights may assist.3 of the blokes were midgets by our standards.

Bradford was 155cm, Hedley 163cm and o'rourke 173 cm. That MAY be your front row on the basis that they put all the midgets in the front row. Baglin and jeeves were a massive 180cm.

By way of a barometer, Gerald Marchesi on the backrow was 178 cm and Specer was 185cm so the bloke next to him looks a little shorter than marchesi and may be O'Rourke. Similarly Les Reeves on the second row was 179cm so the bloke next to him ought be Baglin or jeeves. Also keith McKenzie - first row-was 178cm tall.James Malone -front row-was also 173 cm.

So my call looking at the heights and the other photos –
If the names are correct, I suggest-
Top row O'rourke
Middle row Jeeves (see the posted photo of Jeeves)
Extreme left front row-Bradford then Hedley next to James Malone.

However the bloke on the end looks taller than Keith McKenzie and Hedley was 13 cm shorter than McKenzie so that maybe Baglin (seethe photo of Baglin).

I reserve the right to be wildly wrong though.

Sydney Swans Heritage Museum

Names supplied 21-8-2012 confirm identifications.

Top row: J Spencer, ??? ,G Marchesi, Vic Lawrence, John Reeves, Jack Lineen.

Middle Row: S Radloff, Leo Francis, Jock McCorkell, Ted Jarrard, K Dynon, Laurie Shipp, Frank Jeeves, Les Reeves

Front Row: Jim Bradford, Don Condon, James Malone, Jack Hedley, Keith McKenzie, Ernie O’Rourke

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