North Melbourne Senior Team 1951 (Bill Liddy)

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North Melbourne Senior Team 1951 - Source:Bill Liddy
North Melbourne Senior Team 1951 - Source:Bill Liddy

Team: North Melbourne (VFL)
Location: Arden Street, North Melbourne
Date: 1951

Back Row: Les Mogg, Ron Fletcher, John Reeves, Vic Lawrence, Colin Thornton, Bob Brooker, Jock Spencer, Gerry Bahen
Middle Row: Gerald Marchesi, Jock McCorkell, Ted Jarrard, Les Foote, Kevin Dynon, Pat Kelly, Les Reeves
Front Row: Leo Francis, Kevin Smith, Tim Robb, Kevin McMahon, Jim Malone



Identifications in this photo have been completed by Bill Liddy.
Bill Liddy's records that "Kevin Dynon thinks it is 1951, Gerry Bahen was only at the Club in 1951"

Further Work Needed

The photo was not taken on match day. This group of players never played together. (Many also played games in the first half of the season). There is also no supporters in the grandstand. Just two people and a few bikes.

Maybe a training night as even a preseason game would have a crowd, and the bikes would not be there.


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NSM M2824

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