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This website collects information about football history and football players. It collects players who began their career in 1965 or earlier.

We have added this page to ensue that readers are aware of the need for player privacy. Oddly we have actually found it difficult to find a template for such a document as most websites privacy statements revolve around tracking users of the site, rather than of the people the site is about.

Player Privacy Disclosure

This website contains information that may impact the privacy of individuals. This information is detailed below:
  • It includes records of some injuries. It does not attempt to compile a health or medical record of the players.
  • It includes information on player’s playing and coaching careers. It also may indicate the profession or some work details outside of football. It does not attempt to compile an employment record. For example there is some information on Police Footballers, Stawell Gift Winners, WW2 Football, Firemen Footballers etc.
  • It includes information on footballing families. It notes if fathers, grandfathers or brothers played also football. It tries to avoid avoids general family information, such as information on weddings, spouses etc.
  • It possibly includes some ethnic/religious identification included in contemporary material. The site does not attempt to include this material on living people.
  • It includes the date of birth for many living footballers. This information was included without an understanding of privacy implications, and was done so as it appeared to be common practice. This data is in the process of being removed.
  • It includes peoples images in team photos, newspaper articles and football cards in relation to football related stories.
  • It includes references to historical events such as on field brawls, football tribunal attendances etc which may be seen as impacting the character of an individual.
  • It includes links to player information on other websites
What we do not do
  • This Website does not store private addresses, telephone numbers, motor vehicle registration records, financial details
  • The tone of research should be evidence based and even handed. Character assassination and the use of terms such as thug, evil, etc are not to be used.

Collection of other Data

Virtually all information collected on players is public on our website. We have collected some other information which we will not publicly disclose until the persons death. This information relates to ‘Ethnic’ Team of the century lists (eg Italian Team of the Century) and some information on school football.
We collect player dates of birth, as this is a convenient method of differentiating between people with the same name. It is also information we intend to publish when appropriate.
We do not store current contact details for players or relatives.

Report a Privacy Breach

Please report any breach of player privacy to us, and we will prioritise a correction as quickly as possible. If you are a player or a member of a player’s immediate family and wish to correct information or have other concerns, we are also available.

Contact: admin at boylesfootballphotos.net.au


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