Preston Senior Team 1934 (BrM)

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Preston Senior Team 1934 - Source: Brian Membrey
Preston Senior Team 1934 - Source: Brian Membrey

Team: Preston (VFA)
Location: Preston City Oval
Date: 1934

Back Row: Unknown, Unknown,Unknown,Unknown,Unknown,Unknown,Unknown
Middle Row:Unknown,Fred Hughson, Charlie McSwain (c),Unknown,Unknown,Unknown,Frank Dowling
Front Row: Unknown,Unknown,Unknown,Unknown


Note 'CEB Photo' has been written on the wooden seat to the left of left most seated player.

In 1934 Preston ended the Home and Away season in second place on the ladder behind evential Premiers, Northcote. In the Semi final between 1&2 on the ladder, Northcote easily defeated Preston, winning by 61 points and forcing Preston into the Preliminary final against Coburg, the winner of the semi-final between positions 3&4 on the ladder. In the Preliminary final Preston held Coburg Goal-less in the final quarter and kicked four of their own, but in the end, lost by four points and ending their season.

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1934 - Charlie McSwain was Captain-Coach and Danny Warr was Best and Fairest and Leading Goal Kicker with 57 Goals).

The Photo is from a home and away Rounds, as both of Preston's finals were played at Olympic Park.

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