Reference_ Brunswick Captains

Brunswick (VFA)

Source: Marc Fiddian, 'Moulded from clay : a history of the Brunswick Football Club', Raccoon Tail Books , 2009

1897-99Tom O'Loughlin
1904W. Stevenson
1906W. Temple
1907-08Henry Chase
1909-11John McKenzie
1912Leo Leeds
1913John McKenzie
1914-15Henry Chase
1918-19Henry Chase
1920-21Leo Sullivan
1922Charlie Fisher
1923Barney Herbert
1924Dick O'Connor
1925-26Wally Raleigh
1926Bill Blackman
1927Cyril Bright
1928Tom Hassett
1929Charlie E Pannam
1930Hedley Blackmore
1931Charlie E Pannam
1932Wal Warden
1932-33Hedley Blackmore
1933Wally Raleigh
1934-35Jim Jenkins
1936-40Roy McMay - McKay Correct
1941Col Crawford
1945Elton Plummer
1946-48Ron Baggott
1949-50Ivor McIvor
1951Ray Priestley
1952-53Frank Nielsen
1954-55Maurice Rolfs
1956Leslie Stanley
1957Leslie Pollard
1958Jack Edwards
1959Bob McFarlane junior
1960Jim Whiley
1961Ron Clegg
1962Jack Edwards
1963-64Jim Whiley
1965-68Keith Burns
1969Graham Leydin
1970Alan Cook
1971-73Daryl O'Brien
1974Jack Wrout junior
1975-76John Warden
1977John Williams
1978Barry Nolan
1979George Stone
1980-83Barry Nolan
1984Malcolm Toy
1985Barry Nolan
1986David Whillas
1987-88Tony West
1989-91David Callender

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