Reference_ Camberwell Captains

Camberwell (VFA)

Source: Fiddian, Marc, 'East Side Story: History of the Camberwell Football Club', Patrons of the Camberwell Fooball Club, 1980

Year Captain
1926 George Rawle
1927 Tom Elliott
1928 Wally Gunnyon
1929-30 Jim lawn
1931 Stan Petrie
1932-33 'Horrie' Mason
1934 Maurie Hunter
1934-36 'Horrie' Mason
1937 Roy Williams
1938-40 Laurie Nash
1941 Reg Henderson
1942-44 WW2 DNP
1942 Harry Whitehead appointed
1945-46 Albert Collier
1947 Marcus Boyall
1947 Harry Collier
1948 Ivor McIvor
1949 Frank Stubbs
1950 Cec Ruddell
1951 Frank Stubbs
1951-53 Jim Bohan
1954 Ted Jarrard
1955 Pat Deagan
1955 Kevin Clarke
1956-58 Ken Ross
1959 Ken Chambers
1960-62 Oscar Skalberg
1963-65 Bert Gaudion
1966 Ron O'Neill
1967-69 Mike Delanty
1970-71 Mick Conyers
1972 Peter De Bonde
1973-74 John Hook
1975-76 Mike Bowden
1977-78 Ray Smith
1979 Peter Oliver

ASSOCIATION. (1942, April 18). Sporting Globe (Melbourne, Vic. : 1922 - 1954), p. 3 Edition: Edition3. Retrieved February 5, 2016, from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article178092728

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