Reference_ Carlton Captains

Carlton (VFL)

Senior Team

Pre 1877

Source: http://www.blueseum.org/Pre+VFL+Captains

VFA 1877-1896

Source: http://www.blueseum.org/Pre+VFL+Captains

John Gardiner1876-1879
George Robertson1880-1881
William Goer1882
Dick Frayne1883
Jack Baker1884-1885
Sam Bloomfield1886
Tommy Leydin1887-1889
Billy Strickland1890
Jack Lorraine1891
Bill Walton1892
Dan Hutchison1893
Peter Williams1894
Tom Blake1895 1896

VFL/AFL 1897-

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Carlton_Football_Club_captains
Dates Captain(s)
1897 Jimmy Aitken
1898–1899 Ernie Walton
1900–1901 Bill Stuckey
1902–1904 Joe McShane
1905–1907 Jim Flynn
1908–1911 Fred Elliott
1912–1913 Jack Wells
1914–1917 Billy Dick
1918 Rod McGregor
1919 Charlie Fisher
1920 Paddy O'Brien
1921 Gordon Green
1922–1923 Horrie Clover
1924 Paddy O'Brien
1925 Maurie Beasy, Ray Brew
1926 Ray Brew
1927 Horrie Clover
1928–1931 Ray Brew
1932 Colin Martyn
1933 Frank Gill
1934 Maurie Johnson
1935 Charlie Davey
1936 Jim Francis
1937 Ansell Clarke
1938–1940 Brighton Diggins
1941–1943 Jim Francis
1944 Jim Francis, Bob Atkinson
1945–1946 Bob Chitty
1947–1951 Ern Henfry
1952 Ern Henfry, Ken Hands
1958–1960 Bruce Comben
1961–1962 Graham Donaldson
1963 John Nicholls
1964 Sergio Silvagni
1965–1967 Ron Barassi
1968 Ron Barassi, John Nicholls
1969–1973 John Nicholls
1974 John Nicholls, Alex Jesaulenko
1975–1976 Alex Jesaulenko
1977 Robert Walls
1978 Robert Walls, Alex Jesaulenko
1979 Alex Jesaulenko
1980–1983 Mike Fitzpatrick
1984–1985 Wayne Johnston
1986 Mark Maclure
1987–1997 Stephen Kernahan
1998–2001 Craig Bradley
2002 Brett Ratten
2003 Brett Ratten, Andrew McKay
2004–2006 Anthony Koutoufides
2007 Lance Whitnall
2008– Chris Judd

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