Reference_ Fitzroy Captains

Fitzroy (VFL)

Senior Team

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Fitzroy_Football_Club_captains

1897 Bill Cleary
1898–1900 Alec Sloan
1901–1902 Bill McSpeerin
1903–1905 Gerald Brosnan
1906–1907 Ern Jenkins
1908–1910 Jim Sharp
1911 Harold McLennan
1912 Jack Cooper
1913 Bill Walker b1883
1914–1915 Percy Parratt
1916 Wally Johnson
1917–1918 George Holden
1919 Wally Johnson
1920 Percy Parratt
1921 Percy Parratt, Chris Lethbridge
1922 Chris Lethbridge
1923 Gordon Rattray
1924–1925 Jim Atkinson
1926 Bill Adams
1927 Len Wigraft
1928 Gordon Rattray
1929 Charlie Chapman
1930–1931 Colin Niven
1932 Haydn Bunton Snr, Jack Sexton
1933 Jack Sexton, Jack Moriarty
1934 Jack Cashman, Fred Davies
1935 Charles J. Cameron
1936–1937 Haydn Bunton Snr,
1938–1941 Frank Curcio
1942 Maurie Hearn
1943–1947 Fred Hughson
1948 Alan Ruthven
1949 Norm Smith
1950 Norm Smith, Alan Ruthven
1951–1954 Alan Ruthven
1955–1957 Bill Stephen
1958–1961 Alan Gale
1962 Owen Abrahams
1963–1964 Kevin Murray
1965 Ralph Rogerson
1966 Ralph Rogerson, John Hayes
1967–1972 Kevin Murray
1973–1977 John Murphy
1978 Harvey Merrigan
1979–1980 Ron Alexander
1981–1984 Garry Wilson
1985–1987 Matt Rendell
1988–1990 Paul Roos
1991 Richard Osborne
1992–1994 Paul Roos
1995–1996 Brad Boyd

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