Reference_ Hawthorn Captains

Hawthorn (VFL)

Senior Team


Source: http://www.hawthornfc.com.au/history/honour-board (accessed Nov 2016)

1902Stuart Taylor
1903Couch, William Field
1904C. Holiday, C. Johnston
1905Tom Ferguson
1906Tom Ferguson, J. Renouf, Ernie Trend, Van Lawrick
1907Fred Eastment
1908Fred Eastment
1909E. Holligan
1910C. Loft
1912Hughie Callan, Tim Collins
1913Tim Collins

VFA 1914-1924

Source: http://www.hawthornfc.com.au/history/honour-board (accessed Nov 2016)
1914Alf Gough b1888
1915Joe Larkin, Joe Antonie
1916Joe Larkin
1917N/A - WW1
1918N/A - WW1
1919Len Gibb
1920Ned Alley, Frank Rigaldi
1921Jim Jackson, Arthur Rademacher
1922Jim Jackson, Arthur Rademacher
1923Bill Walton, Jim Jackson
1924Bill Walton, Jim Jackson


Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Hawthorn_Football_Club_captains
1925 Jim Jackson
1926 Dan Minogue, Paddy Burke
1927 Clarrie Lethlean
1928 Bert Sutton
1929 Bert Chadwick
1930–1931 John Harris
1932 Bert Mills
1933 Bill Twomey snr
1934 Bert Mills
1935–1937 Ivan McAlpine
1938 Bert Mills
1939 Len Thomas
1940–1941 Bert Mills
1942 Jack Carmody
1943 Bob Williams
1944 Jim Bohan
1945 Keith Shea
1946 Jim Bohan
1947–1949 Alec Albiston
1950–1951 Peter O'Donohue, Kevin Curran
1952 Peter O'Donohue
1953–1954 Ted Fletcher
1955–1959 John Kennedy Snr
1960–1964 Graham Arthur
1965 Graham Arthur, John Peck
1966–1968 Graham Arthur
1969–1973 David Parkin
1974–1975 Peter Crimmins
1976–1980 Don Scott
1981–1985 Leigh Matthews
1986–1991 Michael Tuck
1992–1993 Gary Ayres
1994 Chris Langford
1995–1998 Jason Dunstall
1999–2004 Shane Crawford
2005–2007 Richie Vandenberg
2008–2010 Sam Mitchell
2011– Luke Hodge

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