Reference_ South Melbourne Captains

South Melbourne (VFL)

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Sydney_Swans_captains
Note: Sydney Captains not Included

1897–1898 Bill Fraser
1899 Dave Adamson
1900 Bill Windley
1901 Albert Trim
1902 Bill Windley
1903 Tom Fogarty
1904–1905 Billy McGee
1906 Herb Howson
1907–1908 Bill Dolphin
1909 Charlie Ricketts
1910–1911 Bill Thomas
1912 Charlie Ricketts
1913 Harvey Kelly
1914–1915; 1917 Vic Belcher
1918–1919 Jim Caldwell
1920 Vic Belcher
1921 Carl Willis
1922 Mark Tandy
1923–1925 Paddy Scanlan
1926–1927 Charlie E Pannam
1928 Joe Scanlon
1929 Charlie Stanbridge
1930–1931 Joe Scanlon
1932 Johnny Leonard
1933–1936 Jack Bisset
1937 Laurie Nash
1938–1945 Herbie Matthews
1946–1948 Jack Graham
1949 Bert Lucas
1950–1952 Gordon Lane
1953–1954 Ron Clegg
1955 Bill Gunn
1956 Ian Gillett
1957–1960 Ron Clegg
1961–1971 Bob Skilton
1972 John Rantall
1973–1976 Peter Bedford
1977–1979 Ricky Quade
1980–1983 Barry Round

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