Richmond Senior Team 1941 (SLV 122_107)

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SLV Accession no H2008.122/107

Team: Richmond (VFL)

Top row - Ray Steele (1940-43), probably Len Ablett, Maurie O'Connell, Jack Crane (1937-42), Jack Sullivan (1941-43, 46), Jack Cotter (1935-41), Ian Hull (1936-42), George Smeaton (1935-46).
Middle row - Charlie Priestley (1938-47), Bill ‘Polly’ Perkins (1940-49), Laird Smith (1939-41, 45), Jack Dyer (captain, 1931-49), Jack Titus (1926-43), Dick Harris (1934-44).
Front row - Jack Quinn, Alan McDonald, Leo Merrett (1940-49), Bert Edwards (1938-45).

Location: Punt Road Oval (East Melbourne)
Date: 1941


Definitely Richmond’s VFL Senior Team photographed at the Punt Road Oval in either 1940 or 1941. Present are champions Jack Dyer and Jack Titus. Titus last played for Richmond in 1943.

Note: Laird Smith later became Secretary of Geelong Football Club 1947-51. A large crowd. Servicemen not conspicuous. The clock shows 2.40 pm. Presumably the game is about to start.

Further Work Needed

Jack Sullivan played 3 games in 1941 (rounds 4,5,and 6). Jack Cotter did not play in Round 6 and Laird Smith did not play in Round 4, leaving round 5 as the likely option.

Round: 5 Venue: Punt Rd Date: Sat, 31-May-1941 2:45 PM Attendance: 13,000
Richmond 17 18 (120)
Fitzroy 15 8 (98)

Len Ablett, Top Row, second from left. (Identification by James Taylor)

Maurie O'Connell, back Row third from left (Identification by James Taylor)
Compare to image of O'Connell in 'The Tigers of Old'

Alan McDonald, front Row second from left
compared to photo from 'The Tigers of Old' and a Boyles 1940 photo.(Identification by James Taylor)

With only one unidentified face in the photo (Front row far left), there remained two possibilities Quinn and Symons. James Tayor identified that Symons was named 19th man.(See below). As only 18 are in the photo and this is usually the starting 18 the unidentified face must be Quinn.

Extract from Argus:
Backs: Perkins, Crane, Ablett.
Half-backs: Steele, Smeaton, Cotter.
Centres: McDonald, Harris, Edwards.
Half-forwards: O'Connell, Sullivan, Smith.
Forwards: Hull, Titus, Quinn.
Follower: Dyer, Priestley.
Rover: Merrett.
Emergencies: Symons (19th), Scott, Reilly, Maguire.
from The Argus 30.5.1941 p10c6

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