Richmond Senior Team 1951 (SLV 122_017)

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SLV Accession no H2008.122/17

Team: Richmond (VFL)
Location: Punt Road Oval, East Melbourne
Date: 1951

Top row - Brian Boland (56 Games, 1950-55), Des Rowe (175 games, 1946-57), Bob Wiggins (68 games, 1944-51), Roy Wright (195 games, 1946-59), Jack O’Rourke (44 games, 1949-53), Ray Poulter (170 games, 1946-56), Ken Roberts (58 games, 1947-51).
Middle row - Max Oppy (185 games, 1942-54), Ray Stokes (93 games, 1946-51), Col Austen (51 games, 1950-52), Don ‘Mopsy’ Fraser (124 games, 1945-52), Bill Morris (captain, 140 games, 1942, 44-51), John Nix (95 games, 1949-56), Len Gardner (5 Games, 1951), Brian Turner (20 games, 1950-52).
Front row - Fred Clarke (21 games, 1951-53), Geoff Spring (147 games, 1948-57), Bill Wilson (185 games, 1944-54), Ray Horwood (27 games, 1950-52), Havel Rowe (123 games, 1948-57).


Richmond’s VFL Senior Team of 1951, apparently photographed at the Punt Road Oval. Black shorts.

Three Brownlow Medallists in this group - Morris, Wright (twice), Austen. Austen won his Brownlow at Hawthorn.

Round: 1 Venue: Punt Rd Date: Sat, 21-Apr-1951 2:15 PM Attendance: 22,000
Richmond 15 9 (99)
Footscray 15 10 (100)

James Taylor

Richmond included only one recruit - L. Gardiner, from the seconds. Another recruit, Fred Clarke, from Heidelberg, has been named 19th man. (The Argus 20.4.1951 p11c1)

Trivia Note - This was Ted Whitten's first VFL/AFL game.


B: AustinWigginsWright.
HB: D. RoweFraserRoberts
C:BolandR. StokesNix
HF:H. RowePoulterSpring
F:GardinerJ. O'RourkeHorwood
Foll:Morris (captain Oppy
Rover:Wilson .
Res:19th F. Clarke 20th B. Turner .

B: Abbey H. HendersonWillis
HB:Martin CollinsDonald
HF:D. HendersonWhittenKent
Res.19th Barrett20th King

Source: The Argus 20.4.1951 p11c3-4

James Taylor was able to identify Brian Boland far left Back Row, using a photo from the book 'Tigerland'. By elimination the remaining player was identified as Len Gardner, 2nd from right Middle Row.

Identifying the match

Reviewing the matches for the 1951 season, it is likely that this is round 1. Fred Clarke played only three games in 1951 and only one, round 1, was a home game. This matches all other players listed. Ken Albiston did not play round 1 and he is not in the photo.

The Following Players did not play in 1952
  • Stokes, Ray
  • Roberts, Ken
  • Morris, Bill
  • Wiggins, Bob

Fred Clarke did not play in 1950 and Brian Turner only played in one game, round 1, which Max Oppy did not play. Therefore this is likely to be 1951.

Duplicates - Near Identical Photos

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