Richmond Senior Team 1957 (SLV 122_021)

Charles Boyles Collection SLV
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SLV Accession no H2008.122/21

Team: Richmond (VFL)
Location: Punt Road Oval (East Melbourne)
Date: 1957

Top row - Alan Cations (104 games, 1952-57, 59, Charlie Flannagan , Peter Morris (89 games, 1955-60), Frank Dunin (69 games, 1953, 55-59), Ron McDonald (92 games, 1955-60), Vic Naismith, Allan Cooke (116 games, 1949-58), Stan Morcom , John Jenkins (34 games, 1955-59).
Middle row - Tom Hafey (67 games, 1953-58), Frank Ryan, Roy Wright (195 games, 1946-59), Des Rowe (175 games, 1946-57), Col Saddington (102 games, 1956-62), Frank Munro,
Front row - Ray Allsop (54 games, 1955-59), Ted Langridge (94 games, 1955-62), Ron Branton (171 games, 1953-62), Ken Ward, Tom Simpson (127 games, 1956-63).


This is the Richmond (VFL) Senior Team photographed at Richmond’s Punt Road Oval in either 1956 or 1957. Grandstand packed. Black shorts. Rowe retired at end of 1957. Saddington and Simpson made their senior debuts in 1956.

Further Work Needed

Reviewing the matches in the 1956/57 seasons, there is only one match where all the initially identified players played together. This is 1957 Round 8 at Punt Rd
Richmond 11 15 (81)
St Kilda 10 19 (79)

Players who played in round 8 but were not initially identified in Photo are:
•Naismith, Vic
•Ryan, Frank
•Ward, Ken

XX_M3346 in the NSM Collection identifies Ken Ward (Another version of this image
Ken Ward

Frank Ryan is identified in 122_019 - Richmond Senior Team 1955 and in the NSM Photo XX_M3346
Frank Ryan

By elimination the final unidentified player must be Vic Naismith

Duplicates - Near Identical Photos

122_021 - Richmond Senior Team 1957 - This Image
XX_M3346 - Richmond Senior Team 1957
Richmond Senior Team 1957 (PR01-09) - Tight Crop

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